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Welcome to the Korean Adoption Wiki!!!

Korean Adoption Wiki

This Wiki is a work in progress. The more users decide to participate and enter information, the more inclusive this project will become. This wiki was not created for political motives. Please keep your entries according to Wikipedia's spirit. There is a profound lack of information within the Korean adoptee community. This wiki aims at closing the gap.



This wiki should become the one place to go to for our Korean adoptee community. Instead of searching all information that is scattered all over the internet, this database will contain much of the information within this database.

Searching for adoptees

Have you ever wondered who else might have been in the same orphanage? Or shared the same flight from Korea to an unknown country?

At the same time you don't know much about the orphanage in Korea, how did it look like? Does it still exist?


Some of these thoughts were the reason as to why I set up this wiki. There is no website so far that shares this kind of information at one place.

This project is set up as a Wiki-project since it requires the support and help from the adoptee community.

The more information that is assembled at this public space, the better and more detailed descriptions can be found. And more adoptees can also reunite with someone from the same orphanage etc.


Our team consists currently only of 3 persons. If you'd like to join our team please let us know. It is best to have some knowledge about how to edit a Wiki. But you can also just participate by sharing information and documents with our team. For registration please read further down the page.


At the bottom of every page for an orphanage or for an adoption agency there is also a list where adoptees can add their username. That way you can share the information with others and you can also find others who went through the same facility.

Please make sure that you use a username through which you can not be recognized. Additionally on your own user-page please add only anonymous email-address. That way your identity is protected. The email-address with which you register is not being shown to the public. We created these guidelines in order to protect our fellow-adoptees from spamming and blackmailing.

Types of Articles

The articles can roughly be divided into two groups. The first group are all articles based on general information such as size of corporation, type of incorporation, year of incorporation etc.

The second group however are articles based on the personal experience and opinions of the authors. Both articles will have the information about the type at the beginning of the article.

  1. Fact-based articles can be edited by all registered users
  2. Opinion-based articles can only be edited by the user (and the administrator). The user is also indicated at the header unless "anonymous" was chosen.

If necessary an opinion-based article can also be protected from editing. We hope you understand the difference between the two types.


While the idea of this platform was generated by the owner of this domain, the opinions expressed within this wiki do not represent the opinion of the domain owner. Opinions are expressed by the representative poster. We would like to urge everybody to respect various opinions. Especially in the sections where personal comments and experiences are being posted, we ask every user NOT to alter those reports since they are of personal nature.


Please send an email to in order to obtain a userlogin. Required information: name, first name, adoptee (yes/no), email-address (not visible on this wiki), country of residence and the login-name you'd like to have.


A login and password will be sent from this system. Once you are approved as a user, you can also start to edit the wiki.

Planned sections:


History of Adoption from Korea

History of Korean adoptee community

Historical Documents


Korean adoption agency


receiving countries

adoption agencies in receiving countries





Famous KADs



KAD Blogger

Legal Framework



Hague Convention

Korean laws

Living in Korea:

Korean adoptee associations

Adoptee associations

Adoptee support organization

Adoption-related Organizations

Post Adoption Services:

Birth Family Search

Searching for Birthfamily

Information about Birth Family Search. Possible methods etc.


KBS runs a show that aims at reuniting families (not only adoptees, but also generally separated families). The show is broadcasted every Friday morning at 11.00 a.m.

In Search of Birthfamily

Here individual calls for help will be published in Korean since possible families might read this article.

in search of adoptee

Here individual calls for help will be published in English and Korean.

Adoption Issues

Mental Health