Ankara Orphanage

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Formerly at the address 45-9 Suh Doondong, Suwon, Kyunggi Province, South Korea.

Ankara Orphanage was also known as Ankara School or Ankara Children's Garden.

In 1952, Ankara Orphanage was founded by Turkish soldiers stationed in Suwon during the Korean War. This is why the name is Turkish rather than Korean. There is a monument at the old site written in Turkish, Korean, and English.

In 1979, it merged with another orphanage and the name was changed to Hyekwangwan.

In 1983 the name was changed again to Hyohaengwon.

General Information

That orphanage is located at 7-12 Jeongja 2 dong, Jangan-ku, Suwon city, Kyunggi-do.

Phone# +82 (0)31-255-2852 Fax# +82 (0)31-255-3139

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